Wazi CHAMPS sends children of deployed military parents to sleep-away camp for a week - all expenses paid.

Yes, one parent must be deployed or in a deployment cycle at the time of CHAMPS Camp.

CHAMPS Camp will be August 18-23, 2019.

CHAMPS Camp is at Camp Waziyatah in Waterford, Maine. To learn more about Camp Waziyatah, please visit wazi.com.

We can accommodate children 7-15 years old (entering 2nd to 10th grade).

Yes, Wazi CHAMPS covers travel expenses. There will be buses and flights from different locations to provide transportation to camp. If your camper is flying, Wazi CHAMPS also covers the cost of one checked bag.

CHAMPS campers are accepted based on meeting the basic family criteria, date of application, and availability based on age, gender, and grade level.

CHAMPS Camp hosts around 100 kids, with the potential for more in future years.

During CHAMPS Camp, there are about 50 staff members. In addition to cabin counselors, we have professionals on staff such as nurses, social workers, Senior Staff, maintenance, kitchen staff, etc.